Municipal Leaf & Litter Collection

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment have pioneered their very own range of leaf & litter vacuum collection units manufactured by our own engineers at our premises in Horsham, West Sussex. 

Leaves, litter and general waste debris can quickly build up on the streets, in the town or around commercial premises and environments if not addressed quickly & managed consistently. Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment have pioneered their very own range of leaf & litter vacuum collection units; manufactured by our engineers at our premises in Horsham, West Sussex. 


The Eco City Picker/Eco City Picker Follow-Me

Over the last few weeks I have talked about the “ECO CITY RANGE” with information on the all new Eco City Bin, and the ever popular Eco City Sweeper. This week however we shall be moving on to the third machine in the range, The Eco City Picker/Eco City Picker Follow-Me.

The Eco City Sweeper2 - ZERO Emissions Pedestrian & Street Sweeper Unbeatable In Cleaning City Centres!

With the ever growing popularity of Eco-friendly technology, I wanted to focus again on our Eco City Range. You may have seen on my previous blog that I talked about the Eco City Bin. An Ergonomic, eco-friendly alternative to a standard litter barrow used on your high streets and neighbouring roads. This time however, I would like to introduce the Eco City Sweeper 2.

Gum Removal


Chewing Gum Removal

When at home, getting that piece of chewing gum off the drive that someone has kindly left for you usually involves a bag of frozen peas (other frozen vegetables are available) being held over the gum for a considerable amount of time in an attempt to freeze it into submission and pop it off the surface of the floor with whatever scraping device you deem suitable. 


100% Battery Powered ECO CITY RANGE. These innovative machines helps reduce operator fatigue and increases productivity ten-fold.

In todays day and age, everyone is focused on ensuring they are being carbon neutral. With many people worldwide heading down the eco-friendly route, you don’t just need to change your transport means to Hybrid or Fully electric. There are multiple options available within the street cleaning industry that can help reduce your carbon footprint and make a huge difference to the environment.

municipal street sweeping


Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment provide a wide variety of municipal street sweeping and cleansing machines for all types of application and environments.

No one wants to live in a dirty town or city with dead leaves, litter and broken glass is lying forgotten in the streets and pavements. A city is often judged by its cleanliness, so who does all this street cleaning, and with what I hear you ask! Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment are municipal street cleansing specialists in providing a range of municipal equipment to local authorities and businesses across the UK. 



The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner Range with NEW & Improved Fan System

The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is designed for poo picking horse manure from fields and paddocks where parasites and horse health is ever more important and good paddock maintenance is essential, even veterinary surgeons are encouraging horse owners to poo pick their fields regularly to maintain a low worm count. 

Our Paddock Cleaners are manufactured by us directly here in our very own workshop and are available as manual, towable or self-propelled models and are rugged, yet lightweight in design and easy to start and simple to use. The unique Paddock Cleaner 'clean fan vacuum system' means there is less chance of horse poo blocking up the system unlike other dirty fan paddock cleaners makers.

All of our Paddock Cleaners are powered by the Honda four-stroke (unleaded petrol) engines for reliability, low maintenance and fuel efficiency and when it comes to cleaning the Paddock Cleaner this is an easy process to. Whether the horse poo is old or new, in short or long grass, wet, dry or even scattered, the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner will vacuum it up all year round.


Eco City Picker Follow.Me


Say Hello to Follow.Me

LAUNCH DATE: March 2019 | Cleaning Show Excel London

Introducing the new Eco City Picker Follow.Me from Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment Ltd. A street picker that simply follows the operator wherever he or she goes. 

With city streets becoming more congested and local authorities’ desire for more round the clock cleaning Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment are proud to launch two new battery powered machines designed with operators and pedestrians in mind. 

See the video of the NEW Eco City Picker-Follow.Me in action!



The Eco City Sweeper 2 NEW VIDEO DEMO

Battery Powered Compact and Silent Pedestrian Sweeper - A Game Changer in Sweeping that will put an 'Electric Smile' on your operator's face!